Pulmonary Function & Respirator Medical Clearance

HCI conducts fast (10 minutes or less), complete Pulmonary Function Testing with OSHA, MSHA, and NIOSH-trained technicians using the Puritan-Bennett Spirometry System, the same state-of-the-art Spirometers favored by the Mayo Clinic. HCI can offer both Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing.

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

We believe the safety of your employees comes first.  HCI performs these services to:

  • Help determine if an individual is "cleared" to wear a particular type of respirator by precisely measuring certain lung expiration characteristics.
  • Detect if there are any obstructions (a prolonging of airflow during expiration) and/or restrictions (inability to fully expand the lungs).
  • Provide a board-certified physician's medical clearance to those employees with a breathing ability that falls into the normal range based on age, weight, gender, height and overall health.

Qualitative & Quantitative Fit Test

Fit testing is available based on the work environment and respirator type:

  • Qualitative Fit Testing uses a challenge agent to determine whether the facial seal of a respirator properly protects the individual
  • Quantitative Fit Testing uses empirically precise PortaCount® Plus Fit Testing (PortaCount) device to measure ambient air and documents particulates found in the respirator vs. those found in the ambient air.

HCI can provide the above services for any of the following devices (but not limited to):

  • Full-face masks
  • Half-face masks
  • Dust masks
  • SCBA apparatus
  • SCUBA apparatus